The Holland Residential Services, Inc. (HRS)

Integration Into Our Program

When Evaluation has been completed successfully, boys are integrated into our program … Here, they live under the watchful care of trained and committed house individuals.  This is where the work begins.  We get to know the boys and see the changes happening … it’s very rewarding.”  The young men begin to grow and become self-sufficient, gathering the life skills they’ll need in the future to be successful adults.

No Two Boys Are The Same Each Is Treated As An Individual

Many young men arrive here a grade level or more behind their peers, so education is always a foundation of life at HRS.  Supervised daily/nightly study hall is required. Young men are made to feel comfortable asking for assistance knowing that we will make every effort to meet each young man where they are and work diligently along side of them to bring them to where they need to be.

Training for Life

The Holland Residential Services, Inc. also offers young men the opportunity to learn life skills that will help them as they transition into adulthood. We help our young men learn learn social skills and receive character education as part of our program.

Discipline And Behavior

HRS utilizes positive reinforcement to desired behavior, attitude, leadership and educational progress. HRS offers incentives such as privileges,and daily activities to aid in our young men meeting their required individual goals.

By giving young men structure, education and consequences, and by demonstrating a commitment to meet their needs, we give them a real chance to succeed in the world.

Socialization and Recreation

Socialization and recreation not only helps to build healthy young men, but also gives them a chance to learn teamwork, respect for themselves, and respect for others.  HRS offers a full range of opportunities for our young men to become involved in: Team sports, including basketball, flag football, baseball; individual sports like swimming, weightlifting; outdoor activities, field trips and more. Helping young men to discover hobbies, sports, and positive leisure time activities is an important part of adolescent development.

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