The Holland Residential Services, Inc.  FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

What does HRS stand for?

The Holland Residential Services, Inc.


When was HRS founded?

March 11, 2009


How is a young man accepted into HRS?

We have an intake process that includes a screening and pre-placement visit.


How much does it cost per resident at HRS?

$150.00 per day


How is HRS funded?

State Funding, Private Donations, (grants)


Who are your Corporate Partnerships? 

We are currently seeking like minded individuals and companies that we can partner with.


HRS services what area?

Greater Kansas City Metro area


Does HRS practice Religion?



Where do the boys attend school?

Martin City Middle School, Grandview High School or CAIR


How long can the young me stay HRS?

Until he completes the program or turns 19


Are donations tax exempt?


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